On my current full-time job I had to make and promote new website for Fintegra which would help us to reach more potential customers by creating artificial competition in our business field since there are few private immigration companies in Finland. I worked on the brand identity, desktop & mobile website versions, created creatives and launched targeting campaigns on Facebook and Google, collected semantic core, query clustering and built backlink profile to reach top position in SERP. Besides, I filmed a couple video commercials and motion typography videos.
GENGLASS is a Russian premium furniture store. I worked on this projects with Kirill Galvidis. We worked closely to create a brand new experience around their web store, including implementation using no-code website builder Tilda Publishing.

My main role was to support no-code implementation process following by building a website link profile, optimising content for better website ranking. Currently we are promoting GENGLASS goods by launching targeting ads campaigns on Instagram.
During my work at Fintegra Consulting Group Oy LKV I had a chance to launch a new company subdivision related to real estate in Finland (before Investerra Oy).

I totally redesigned website, elaborated visual brand identity, designed business cards, brochures, corporate social media design, launched advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram and occasionally filmed and took pictures of dwellings for sale.
Fintegra property
Designed and developed a website for Finnish cafe Plazamocca located in Malmi. Moreover, I added shopping cart features so users can order and pay for their orders online.
Redesigned main page of the Dreambroker's website including desktop and mobile versions, new logo and edited two logo animations.
During my internship in the Dutch company CoolSafety I had a chance to edit a couple video animations, which they currently use for their product videos.
I filmed and edited 3 days event for Haaga-Helia StartUp School including 1 lifestream, 1 podcast and the final video.
Startup School
I filmed and edited a hip-hop party event for hip-hop event hosted by DOSE.
Just a beautiful travel video about Budapest.
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