Business Immigration in Finland

You can get a residence permit and become Finnish citizen in 4 years by establishing your own company from the very beginning or purchasing a ready-made company in Finland.
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Who can apply

Businessmen & entrepreneurs

People with sufficient funds and relevant work experience can apply for program. Businesses owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

IT specialists

Information technology professionals are warmly welcomed in Finland especially with clients from Europe or Western countries.

Real estate investors

Finnish Business Immigration applicant should have enough income to buy a business or start own company in Finland.

Main requirements for applicant are managing a company and staying at least 6 months a year in Finland.
Start a property management business by investing in residential property in Finland.

Business immigration types

Starting-up a new business in Finland

You can apply for Residence permit application for an entrepreneur by starting up a new company in Finland.

Your minimal starting capital should be 35 000 EUR, which should cover general company's expenses. You need stay for 200 days annually in Finland and manage your business by yourself.

Buying running company in Finland

You can apply for Residence permit application for an entrepreneur by purchasing ready-made business and becoming an owner of a company with background in Finland.

This is the best option of business immigration because you can buy a ready-made business for 50 000 EUR on average and get all company's assets, customers, employees and contracts by purchasing running company. You need to manage your company and stay in Finland at least for 6 months.

Property management business

You can apply for Residence permit application for an entrepreneur by starting a property management company in Finland.

Finnish real estate considered as one of the best in Europe due to many reasons, such as, stable growth in property prices and rental deliver stable, steady rental yield for investors and well-functioning residential market and liberal regulation of the residential rental market.

Average price for investment project is 300 000 EUR.

Immigration process

Finconsult's expert examine your case and suggest the best strategy for obtaining a Residence Permit based on your professional backgrounds, work experience and other conditions.

Personal consultation

Finconsult will help you officially register your company in Finland

Official registration

Our business acquisition managers will help you to search and purchase ready-made companies in Finland. Assist in the business acquisition process.

Business search

Your personal manager will arrange all required documents based on the business plan and supervise the application of the documents to get the Residence Permits.


We are going to follow and assist until you and your family get the Residence Permits.

Waiting for the decision

When your Residence Permit is granted, we can assist you in the home search, municipality registration, applying for social benefits, tax registration processes, opening a bank account, and finding daycare services for your family.

Moving to Finland

Ready for immigration?

Apply for Business immigration consultation if you want to get full information on all immigration opportunities, your possibilities, additional information about Finland and developing step by step immigration strategy for you.
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Immigration requirements for applicant

You need to be a self-employed person in your own company.
Your business must be profitable so it can cover minimal salary in Finland, which is 1236 EUR per month.
You need to stay at least 200 days in Finland in order to extend your Finnish residence permit.
You should have a full package of required documents for business immigration.
Business must to be active and generate income to pay wage and taxes obligations.
We recommend our clients to choose a limited liability company or private entrepreneurship as a form of company.
You need to explain your potential customers and partners you are going to have in Finland.
Registration fees, taxes, pensions and insurance have to be paid on time.

Immigration requirements for business

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